Ross-Tech Audi VW Diagnostic Scan Tool


What this listing is -

This listing is for a RENTAL SERVICE of a Ross-Tech Scan Tool with the Quick Start Guide, & Return Shipping Label.


When will I receive it -

If all requirements are met by 1500 PST (3:00 p.m.) on a business day, this product will be shipped that same day. If the requirements are met after 1500 PST, then this product will be shipped the following business day. This product will be shipped by USPS.

When will the RENTAL SERVICE begin -

The RENTAL SERVICE will begin the day the product is delivered. For example: If the product is ordered on the 5th of the month, and it received on the 7th, the RENTAL SERVICE will begin on the 7th.

When will the RENTAL SERVICE end -

The RENTAL SERVICE will end the day the product is dropped off at the post office. Simply package the product using the same box and packing material then affix the enclosed shipping label on the outside of the box and drop it off at the Post Office on the date scheduled.


Where will this product be shipped -

This product will be shipped ONLY to the confirmed address associated with the user's PayPal account within the United States.

Where can I use this product -

This product is used in conjunction with a laptop (not included), so it can be used at home, work, track, or any other place a laptop can be brought.


Why rent this product -

Rent this product if Porsche specific codes need to be read. Ordinary OBDII scan tools will not read Porsche specific codes.

Rent this product to use the features exclusive to the PROFESSIONAL VERSION like coding, unlike the enthusiast version that does NOT HAVE the coding feature.

Rent this product if codes need to be cleared. This Ross-Tech Scan Tool can clear both emission, and non-emmission codes. Codes associated with DME, Airbag, ABS, Alarm, Heating A/C, Seat Memory, etc.

Rent this product to try this tool before one is purchased from Durametric. This is a good way to try this tool out before spending almost $500 for it.

Rent this product to display and log actual values for troubleshooting and general knowledge. Displaying actual values is an efficient way to pinpoint problems.

Why rent this tool from us -

Our tool is tested prior to every rental to ensure it will arrive in proper working condition.

Same Day Shipping.

FREE Return Shipping Label included.

Quick Start Guide included.

This is a 2nd Generation cable which allows the user to utilize the most recent up-to-date software (Version 6). Don't buy or rent this product from others who have the 1st Generation cable. The 1st Generation cable only allows the user to use the older outdated software (Version 5).


How does this RENTAL SERVICE work -

1- Pay for the RENTAL SERVICE and follow the normal checkout procedure.

2- After the normal checkout is completed, a second FULLY-refundable PayPal invoice of $500 will be sent. This FULLY-refundable invoice is a security deposit which will be completely refunded within 1 business day of the safe return of this product (minus any late fees). The security deposit is in place to assure the return of this product and cover the cost of the tool if any problems arise.

3- Once the security deposit is paid, this product will be shipped as described above to the CONFIRMED address associated with the buyer's PayPal account.

4- Once the product is delivered, the RENTAL SERVICE begins. On the scheduled return day, simply package the tool and literature carefully in the boxes provided and apply the included return shipping label on the package and drop it off at the Post Office. A $20 per day late fee will be deducted to the security deposit every day after that. A $20 fee will be deducted to the security deposit for missing literature or packaging material. Please use both boxes and provided packing material when returning the tool.

5- Once the product is returned, it will be inspected for any damage or tampering. Once it is determined there is no damage or tampering, the security deposit will be refunded.

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Auflistungstyp: Privat Rentals
Cancellation Policy: See Item Description for specific T&Cs + Refund / Cancellation Policy
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