Pop up Prosecco bar


A delightful and cute Prosecco van, serving deliciously chilled fizz on tap.

Converted Piaggio Ape Classic, embellished with no expense spared.

Double despencing & flash-cooling System.

Four serving taps and two bars !

Private Hire Package: (£675)
Exclusive hire for 3 hours
1 keg of Prosecco (approximately 160 flutes)
Trained and licensed staff.

Extra hours charged at £50/hour
Extra leg of Prosecco £325

Tel: Contact telephone number

Cash Deposit, or card escrow in store: 150.0
Collection Method:
Pick Up
Deliver < 5 Km
Deliver < 10 Km
Deliver < 100 Miles
Deliver Nationwide
Please contact us for delivery info
Type d'annonce: Company Rentals
Cancellation Policy: See Item Description for specific T&Cs + Refund / Cancellation Policy
Annonce créée 18 sept. 2018

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