Vintage Airstream Trailer

Beautifully converted with a LUXE FINISH of hardwood and bronze, our Airstream is the perfect vehicle for events - slick, STYLISH and eye catching yet easy to work and serve from.

Dry hire only, available for a number of uses brand activations to a DJ booth, full bar or pop-up shop.

The Airstream is an ADAPTABLE LITTLE TRAILER, perfect for any number of uses on EVENTS, at FESTIVALS and in RETAIL.

Please contact us to ensure we have availability for your date. Delivery will be calculated and is payable as an extra before your event.

Collection Method:
Pick Up
Deliver < 5 Km
Deliver < 10 Km
Deliver < 100 Miles
Deliver Nationwide
Please contact us for delivery info
Type d'annonce: Request “I'd like to rent a..”
Cancellation Policy: N/A - Rental Request
Annonce créée 16 mar. 2020

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