Information about echo


"" is a place to rent items between members of the marketplace.

Our aim 

"We hope to have a positive impact on today's

 consumer society by providing

a sharing community where members

can rent items with other users 

rather than purchasing items for short term use. 

We hope both renting and listing users will have 

  extra cash in their pockets, whilst reducing   

the strain on the world's resources, and cutting down 

on the amount of 

waste currently produced"

Hire/Rent items for short term use instead of buying, saving money and reducing waste.
Pay with Debit or Credit Card (stripe) or via a PayPal account.

List and rent items out to your local community, set your own price, deposit and rental agreement.

(Using either Stripe or PayPal business account)

Joining & listing on echo is FREEcommission fees only apply after a successful transaction is carried out
 see our "How it works" page for more info.

No transaction - No cost

Note : Video to be updated to include Stripe Credit / Debit Card Functionality, and updated commission fees.

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